Trash Free Trails Spring Trail Cleans are GO!!

Calling our #TrashMOB all over the globe, the long awaited Trash Free Trails Spring Trail Cleans are GO!

The clocks have changed, longer daylight hours are now here and the weathers more summer* like

From the ramblers, hikers & walkers, to the runners, ultra aficionados & multi day madmen, to the shredders, big air fans & freewheelers – our trails are reawakening from their hibernation and with that, no better time to give them some much needed TLC.

Whether you’re venturing out for big days solo or in a group, picking up the tools to repair the damage from winter or simply heading out from your house for a stroll, before the ferns are high and hedgerows are once more full of foliage and life, we challenge you to fill one bag, of any size and description this April.

It’s not every day you have 3 world champions (former & current) plus Chuck (not to be confused with yours truly) shouting from the trail to join the TrashMob & fill a bag.

Cheers Reece Wilson, Jolanda Neff, Evie Richards & Charlie Harrison (Chuck)

It’s a straight forward challenge

1 bag of any size and type, a trail or wild place of any distance/location.

Fill said bag up whether you’re treating the day like supermarket sweep or taking in the sights and smells of Spring. Maybe a mixture or variation.

The choice is yours

One final element – share your finds on social, encourage your amigos to follow suit and upload your trail trash haul to our big report – CLICK HERE

Above all, have fun, reward yourself however you see fit & enjoy the benefits our outdoors world bestows on us

Hashtags for the socialites

For more Information on Trash Free Trails and our Spring Trail Clean, 1 Bag Challenge & Community – CLICK HERE

This is not a paid or sponsored post