Pocket Plogging

Many of us don’t like to run with packs unless they’re necessary for storing kit & when we do, we want things as minimal/stripped back as possible

After all, who wants a run with a fridge on their back?

Plogging, litterpicking, picking up stuff – where do you store your finds? – bumbag, hand bag it, rucksack continually slung on & off, shoe laces, in your socks? in your hands?

For me, it’s pockets when moving minimally – & my shorts are packing plenty of them, 5 to be precise

11 mile / 18km run around Thirlmere on Sunday morning, left hip pocket for trash

Pocket dump

1 x Haribo wrapper
1 x Cadbury wrapper
1 x cigarette butt
1 x high 5 wrapper
1 x kitchen foil
1 x piece of glass
1 x Orbit chewing gum wrapper
2 x sweet wrappers
1 x Toblerone wrapper
1 x straw cover / soft plastic 
1 x price of card

You don’t have to have a 40 litre dry bag & litter picker to leave a positive impact

1 bag, 1 pocket, 1 piece

It all adds up, it all protects what we love

How do you like to carry litter/trash you find on the trail when you run?