Hugo, Callum, Richie & Elton are swimming the English Channel

You may remember many moons ago, words and images were featured on this very website, of men normally found hiding under the waves, about to embark on a human powered effort of magnitude many us can’t imagine, let alone commit to.

HMS Oardacious – 4 Submariners set to row the Atlantic

Well, they’re at it again.

Although this time, the distance is smaller and so is the equipment.

Select your finest budgie smugglers and grease up, the Channel is to be swum.

Tomorrow (June 21st 2022), at around 0230 from Samphire Hoe, Dover… in the dark, Hugo, Callum, Richie and Elton will enter the worlds busiest shipping lane, dodge who knows what lurking beneath and fight the will to jump onboard their pilot boat until they set foot on French soil. Perhaps rock.

In order to comply with the Channel Swimming Association rules (it’s Britain, of course we have an association) – speedos, swim cap and goggles are all that separates them from the cold (it will be about 14 Deg C) and the jellyfish!

Training, as you would imagine has been carried out to complete the 22 miles (which could be up to 35 miles depending on current and tides) in less than 16 hours (which is the time it took the Army’s 6 man team to do it in last year)

But this is for then simply pride inter service rivalry circles or swimming pools. The quad of quads are raising money for the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity, to aid fund Mental Health and Well-Being charity projects supporting serving Royal Navy personnel, their families and veterans. So, if you’d like to send the gentlemen a good luck message, some coppers and fan fair, the link is here – Justgiving Page & Story

Furthermore, if you are an avid dot watcher, and I know many of us are in ultra circles, you can keep an eye on the action here – Follow their progress live. The pilot boats named Rowena FE75

Good luck to the lads, I’ve thought about the channel before, but never plucked up the courage

For more information on the channel swim or to donate – CLICK HERE

For more information on the Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity – CLICK HERE

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