Shifting Trail Running Expectations

For years, many of us in flatter counties (including myself) have spent our time, energy & resources to travel to areas with mountains, elevation, waterfalls & features that appeal to our inner wilderness hunting compass. Often, we can neglect, forget or take for granted what is on our doorstep. It becomes too comfortable and/or familiar,…

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Rainspotting – Global Watch Party TONIGHT- 25th March 2020

RAINSPOTTING An 84-hour bikepacking ramble through Scotland’s gloomy Grampians… In light of all their film screening & talk cancellations, & Brother Cycles are to release their new bikepacking film – Rainspotting – via “Watch Party” at 19.30GMT Wednesday 25th March 2020.

 And, they’d like as many of you to join as possible… Watch party…

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Montane launch new Trail Blazer pack Series

Fast packing, mountain marathons, adventure racing, multi day adventures…. they all share one thing in common, the necessity to carry kit over an extended period of time, often over challenging terrain, whilst the wearer is generally moving pretty fast. Yes, other than a few individuals who can seemingly run at a mere mortals average marathon…

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