A big day

Lifesystems Negative with StraplineToday, Lifesystems announced to the world I was their latest addition to their Adventure Athlete Team.

I have been using Lifesystems products for ages. I remember purchasing my first thermal bivi bag, back when the Outdoor show was the NEC and not Excel, had competition sport climbing and was much bigger.

That was many moons ago, perhaps 13 years.

I also happen to be almost the same age as the brand, only  a year younger.

The best way I could sum the brand up is for the most part, gear you never want to use, but you carry it safe in the knowledge it will perform when that times comes and play its part in getting you out of that situation.

I’m excited to be part of a team of adventurers and creatives, and look forward to being fully prepared in the mountains.

Now, just to update my first aid certificate……


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