Finding Inspiration

It’s not always the easiest thing to do, finding inspiration.

I’m very fortunate to be friends with World Class level mountain bikers, trail & ultra runners and people who achieve all manner of excellence in their fields.

At times you can share the excitement of their achievements, other times despair at the vast chasm of difference in your and their ability.

More over, it may not be what they do, but the manner in which they do it. How they handle pressure, commit to their work and defy the expected.

A key (in my opinion) to finding inspiration is finding someone, some people or something that resonates with you personally. A local club runner has more in common with you than Kilin Jornet, a friend you ride with, than Greg Minnar.

What inspires us is very personal, but how that thing resonates can be universal.

Identity what resonates, and finding inspiration just got a whole lot easier.