Podcast of the Week – Ep 1

I’ve been running for the past 5 years without listening to music. At one point, I couldn’t imagine running a mile without tunes in my ears, until recently I ran listening to the trail, my breath and thoughts.

Over the past 9 months, podcasts have become my go to for everything from tempo to interval, long to recovery run.

It’s about time I shared some quality content providers, to expand your knowledge on the go.

Billy Yang Podcast

You may know Billy for his films, which have grown to be some of the best in the industry. Better still, he has now started a podcast, interviewing athletes and his ability to convey and lead a story translate perfectly to spoken word.

Personal favourite interviews include Rory Bosio, Zach Miller and Tim Tollefsen. It’s not all running focused, with personal stories, views, off piste topics and general life thrown in. There’s real depth and value at every turn.

Well worth your time on your next long run.