Podcast of the Week – Episode 4

I like things informal when heading on a run or drive, it keeps things light, the mood high and movement relaxed. But I like to learn, engage and better myself. Jocko Podcast is the creation of Jocko Willink, former US Navy Seal Officer turned leadership instructor and coach, working with businesses and first responders, founder of Echelon Front.

Unlike many of the podcasts I listen to, Jocko Podcast is long form. Long form I hear you ask? Podcasts are hardly known for being 10 minutes in duration. Whereby the 3 Podcasts I’ve highlighted so far often last around 1 hours, Jocko Podcast lasts several, averaging at 2-3.

Topics can range from leadership, business, warfare – but the main theme is imparting lessons learned by others, taking their knowledge and projecting it in a usable form to you. Part of this is done by reading passages from books, putting them into modern context and looking for the lessons to share.

Sometimes it may get a bit gnarly, the topics may get dark, however, stick with it.

The outcome is well worth it.