inov-8 to release new film about Barkley Marathons & Nicky Spinks

The Barkley Marathons is the world’s toughest ultra-distance race. Only 15 runners have completed the full 100+ miles since it was first staged in 1986. And don’t be fooled into thinking that the best ultra and mountain runners avoid this race, on the contrary, those who poses the skills famously line up, after cracking the code to get a spot on the start line.

It’s just on another level, you aren’t going to see red flags guiding the way or an aid station every few miles.

This year saw the UK’s toughest woman, Nicky Spinks, attempt to become the first-ever female finisher.

Made famous by a 2014 Netflix documentary, The Barkley Marathons see runners self-navigate their way around an unmarked course, tearing pages from hidden books as they go, and returning them to enigmatic event organiser, Laz Lake.

Staged in Frozen Head State Park, Tennessee, USA, the course features five laps, each involving around 10,000ft of brutally steep, obstacle-laden, muddy mountain ascent through thick woodland and viscous undergrowth.

inov-8’s new film Last Women Standing: The Barkley Marathons 2019 follows Nicky, a 52-year-old breast cancer survivor and ultra-running record holder, as she tackles one of the world’s most notorious and secretive sporting events.

During the film, Nicky forms allegiances with fellow female ultra-runner Stephanie Case, from Canada. Can the two women beat the infamous Barkley Marathons?

The film, shot by Summit Fever Media, will get its online international premiere on Tuesday November 19th. Sign up now to find out how you can be amongst the first to watch it:

Nicky is an inov-8 ambassador and wore the brand’s Graphene-Grip MUDCLAW G 260 shoes for The Barkley Marathons.