Type 2 Fun Run returns for 2020 – Entries live

The Type 2 Fun Run is back for 2020 and as ever, little is being revealed about the race, other than the format.

30 hours of Type 2 potential

A minimum distance of around 85km

Control points have different point values

No set course, no feed stations, no base camp, no massage tent, no mercy

And that’s about it.

Set once more in the Scottish Highlands, this time August 22-23 2020, on the brave need step forward to a mixture of ultra running, hiking, orienteering, mountain marathon and plain misery.

Earlier this year I spoke to the RD, Jenny Tough, which you can read here for a little more insight.

Otherwise, click here if you’re feeling lucky.


Oh, P.S ……. there’s something even more Type 2 to be announced soon.