Wings for Life World Run returns to Cambridge

May 3rd 2020 marks the return of Wings for Life World Run to the streets of Cambridge. Starting at 12:00 GMT, along with fellow athletes in countries as far and wide as Australia, Japan, South Africa and Peru, it’s a race with a difference.

There is no finish line.


What sets the Wings for Life World Run apart is the finish line chases you, either virtually through the app or at one of the flagship events with a car. With all races starting simultaneously around the globe, it’ll be 3AM for some and 3PM for others when the adrenaline is pumping and waves of thousands run in unison for charity.

With individual country winners and an overall global title at stake, the quest to beat the record of 78km is open to everyone.AP-1RXG5TT192111_news(Credit – Richie Hopson / Red Bull Content Pool)

But more than a unique and truly global running challenge, is the reason for it taking place.

Spinal injuries can affect anyone of us, from a minor fall to a huge crash, we never know when an injury can become life changing. Paralysis is brutal. We often think about from the waist down, but let’s not forget, this can include arms, hands, and more. It changes even the simplest of daily actions and effects those closest to us too. Most recently in the headlines was the passing of the Michael Bonney, who had his life changed through paralysis.

This is why Wings for Life exist.

Red Bull’s charity utilises cutting edge research, drawn from across the world, with the aim to find a cure for spinal chord injuries. A cause close to their hearts, the brand is renowned for the care they provide their sponsored athletes and this takes it one huge step further. To all of us.

Click HERE for more about the current research being undertaken.

So yes this is a pretty epic unique run for a charity, raising awareness and funds. How much goes to Wings for Life?


So if you would like to have a go in 2020, click HERE to find all about the Cambridge event and HERE to find out about where else they are happening around the world.

And if that’s not enough to entice you, here’s me having a go at the 2015 Silverstone event, getting hunted down by David Coulthard at 27.18km or 16.88 miles.