Patagonia Strider Pro 5″ Running Shorts – Reviewed

We interrupt your regular reading to bring you news…. I bought a thing

I’ve had my eye on a pair of Patagonia running shorts for years. I’ve bought a pair a couple of times in the past 6 years, but returned them each time as they didn’t fit. However, last year I decided to ignore the size chart and do something I very rarely do. I bought a pair in medium, not small.


Yes, I James, the person you read reviews about kit sent into me by brands does purchase kit

Shorts/trousers/anything related is a nightmare. My first 5ft 6″ is predominately upper body, yet my legs have the girth of whisky casks. If I head to a high street shop, despite being a 30″ waist, the closet I can get to shorts that don’t look painted on is a 36″ waist…. I doesn’t really work. The shorts I own are predominantly board and mtb, lots of room, though they do look like 3/4s at times.

Stood beside my wild strawberries and mint with a mind of its own, the 5 inches of inseam provide adequate coverage for all but most mean up drafts. Though to some they may seem short, they look like long johns when put against a 1.5inch pair of split shorts.

These medium sized Andes Blue Pro Striders retail at £60 and pack a fair bit for your cash

Now, given I’ve had these for over 9 months, they’ve seen some action. From the Pentlands to the Lake District, the Cotswolds and the flats of Bedfordshire, they’ve clocked in excess of 600 miles and therefore, have the most distance of anything I’ve put words to on here.

The images in the garden are from a few weeks ago and you will see, they do not show any signs of excessive wear. As I sit hear typing away, shorts in hand, following a detailed look, there are no dropped stitches, frayed areas or issues with any of the features I’ll talk about in a second. The only obvious sign that they aren’t box fresh, is the exterior of the waistband has got a little darker – how many litres of sweat its had to absorb….

As you would expect from Patagonia, the materials have been carefully chosen and are more than simply performance orientated. The main short material is 100% recycled polyester stretch ripstop with a DWR (durable water repellent) finish. It’s pretty breathable – helped in part by the lack of material and has proven to be durable, from multiple run ins with gates/styles/trees. The 5 pockets, which are a deeper blue, are 89% recycled polyester/11% spandex woven with a DWR finish. The liner short (yes these have one) are 100% polyester (42% recycled) crepe with HeiQ® Fresh durable odor control. Now, given I always wear Premax anti chafe cream, this is hard to smell test. All fabrics are bluesign® approved and Fair Trade Certified™ sewn.

In real terms, what every I’ve thrown at the Pro Striders, from a 10km interval session to 32 mile long run on my 100 mile week, they’ve stood up to everything and anything. Most shorts I’ve owned by now have had issues with liners failing or structural threads breaking, even the reflective branding peeling off. Theres a reason I wore them through winter and resorted to tights only a handful of times.

Rear zippered pocket – check out that paracord puller!

At the very back is the central pocket. Its a biggun and so is the zip puller, a long one that makes using it on the fly a breeze. I mainly store my key in this, however, its also housed a gel too, theres a lot of storage.

Either side of the zippered pocket are two envelope pockets, 4 in total, which will all hold a gel/bar/nutrition with ease. I’ve shoved a pair of lightweight gloves down the side at one point. Provided you’re not self conscious about your expanding hip line, you can carry a hefty volume of kit around your waist, before you consider a pack or waist pack.

side envelope pockets

Furthermore, the envelope pockets are pretty secure. Yes I would utilise the zippered pocket for keys where possible, but on occasion I’ve used the side pockets and not been left homeless come the end.

The waist band is low in profile and offers comfortable support. An external fasting allows more additional security – if I could, I’d like it internal, to give the optimum runners profile. Yes, that was very vain.

Internally, the liner short is a crepe brief liner that holds things in place. It remains comfortable and hasn’t let anything slip. Yes, in the cooler months, a boxer style liner would have been appreciated, as many a time my quads were red and itchy, stood in the shower post run.

Now, I appreciate this may be sounding like a love affair or like everything is perfect.

Well, not quite.

The colour.

But you chose it James….

Yes, let me explain

I really like the colour. Its bright, poppy, clean and simple. However, it has a flaw

Sweat & natural breaks

If you’ve read any of my apparel reviews, you’ll know I sweat like I’m trying to keep fish alive on my person. Many times this year, the shorts have been soaked in sweat half way down the front and fully at the rear. It’s not a great look. Navy blue with some light blue highlights.

When things are soaked, they are what they are, but when they are getting saturated and patchy, it can make things a little self conscious, especially if it is via residual moisture from a trail side natural break.

This isn’t exclusive to Patagonia before you start switching off or stating the obvious. These were my first pair of running shorts that weren’t black and yes, I may go back to being boring.

Ultimately Patagonia’s Pro Strider 5″ Running Shorts have become my go to running shorts, the ones that have become old faithful, yet look full of youth. Pick your colours wisely and these can and potentially will become a trail companion for a wide variety of running sessions and adventures.

For more information on Patagonia’s Pro Strider 5″ Running Shorts – click HERE

This is not a sponsored post or paid advertisement – I bought the shorts!