There was snow in the south

I kid you not

Nae photoshop on this page!

Heading out with my tripod, camera and remotes (its in my right hand, hence the fist) I set about using my lunch break a little differently, to capture what could be one of the only days the good old Milton of Keynes experiences for a while. Despite air temperatures rising and water plummeting to earth off all tree branches, theres was a still a crunch and crackle underfoot. The whoopee cushion release of air that had been present on Sunday was long gone.

It’s all too easy to take yourself seriously, trying to be a model of perfection, other peoples potential perceptions of you or those that you believe of yourself, preventing you from doing what you want.

Running should be fun.

Yes, there are those hard sessions, the alarm clock that you feel like demolishing into a wall for those early rises and the times where your body is begging for you to relent. But then there are also those times where it could be only for a second, a brief moment in time where you enter a flow state, a wry smile cracks across your weathered features, body and mind locked in the moment.

Look at it for what it is. A moment in time where you can be yourself, untethered, free to roam, chose your face, your effort and exertion. Kilian and the Salomon peeps have been talking about ‘Time to Play’ for many years, and in truth, we all really should. Outside of his athletic ability, was his freedom on the trail, his hops and skips, interacting with features, rather than conquering.

With many adults reverting to being children this past weekend, whether being the big kid or giving their offspring adventures in the white stuff, I think its about time we all looked in the mirror and saw our inner kid once more.