21 Million Steps for Mental Health

If it’s not abundantly clear by now, Mental Health (yes they are capitals) is a very important subject to me and not something that should be dismissed. I’ve spoken about my own battles on here before, as well as linked to different projects (more of that coming soon). Press releases can be 10 a penny, a new shoe, amazing jacket, new fangled product that you have to question its need in the market (they get binned immediately).

However, when two brands get together, to collaborate on a subject close to my heart and rather than give a percentage of their profit after a sales period, want to encourage you and I, people in the real world to move.

You have my attention

Photo Credit: Jay Golian

The below is part of a press release detailing the Step Up & Play Your Part Challenge. Yes, I’m late to the game on this (I got this 9 days ago), but I’ve been struggling with the relentless loneliness living alone during this period causes. It’s why the act of moving has never resonated more with me.

inov-8 and COROS Wearables have teamed up to help people reap the rewards that exercise brings to mental health. 

The two sports brands have launched their Step Up & Play Your Part Challenge in a bid to amass 21 million steps of responsible exercise before the end of January 2021. 

To do this they are calling on runners, walkers and all sportspeople to log their daily number of steps on the inov-8 website here

Photo Credit: Jay Golian

And while both brands are promoting exercise to help people with their mental health during these hugely challenging times of the Covid pandemic, they are also stressing that all exercise must be carried out responsibly and within government guidelines that apply locally. 

The challenge is open to everyone worldwide, with inov-8 and COROS offering daily prizes that include award-winning running, hiking & fitness kit and GPS watches. 

Michael Price, inov-8 COO, said: “In June last year we digitally brought together a team of more than 1,000 runners globally to complete a 25,000-mile virtual lap of the world within a week

The inov-8 World Run was a huge success and proved to be integral in our Play Your Part campaign, set-up at the start of the pandemic to support, motivate and inspire people through these difficult times

Now we’re stepping things up a level and looking for people to join us in amassing 21 million steps of responsible exercise, and in doing so improve their mental health at a time when things are incredibly tough for us all.” 

Ben Clark, COROS Northern Europe Market Manager, added: “I’m grateful that we were able to partner with inov-8 to bring this fantastic challenge to the world. “Earlier in the year, COROS also partnered with JoggingBuddy, RedJanuary and our charity partner Sport In Mind to promote exercise as a means to support and motivate both the mental and physical wellbeing of people worldwide

Together with our wider partners, we believe that the challenge will be the beginning of a very active and successful year for everyone involved!” 

Photo Credit: Jay Golian

Watches, mobile phones and pedometer can be used to count steps. Get all the details about the Step Up & Play Your Part Challenge and how to log steps here: www.inov-8.com/step-up-play-your-part-2021 

Use the hashtags #inov8StepUp and #CorosStepUp on social media to show how you are contributing to the challenge.

Get out there, enjoy & log those miles.

If you ever need to talk, I’m here.