Maverick Run Project Launches

Races, running in groups, heading down a trail with anyone seems a distant memory. However, times are hopefully becoming more sociable soon and with the team at Maverick Race launched Maverick Run Project last night.

An affiliated British Athletics club, MRP is not about reaching your PB scoring potential and learning how to increase your VO2 Max. On the contrary, the emphasis is on social running, with 15 hubs launched as of the 11th March to enable members to experience a wide variety of trails in different locations. On joining, these weekly runs spread out around the south of England and Wales are free (more locations to come in the future), meaning, as soon as we can all travel about, you as a member can sign up to any, whether you’re in the area on a break, with work or fancy a change of scenery.

From MRP

The Maverick Run Project (MRP) has been designed with our running community in mind. When you join the MRP you will be welcomed into our inclusive community of runners and will be able to join any MRP social run as well as any of our multiple MRP hubs across the UK. You’ll also gain access to the MRP Members’ area which offers; training advice, virtual physiotherapy sessions, exclusive apparel, Maverick Race partnership offers and so much more.

Joining the MRP also means you become an affiliated British Athletics athlete, which comes with its own host of benefits including; discounted road race entries, Virgin London Marathon places, partnership offers, reduced rate coaching and, leadership courses and eligibility to compete in national teams

A long term friend of Maverick Race, I’m the Bedfordshire Run Leader for MRP and will take you around Woburn and the trails that start from this historic location, famous for lodgings for travellers, markets and the abbey.

Now I know pacing and ability can be concerned for some runners, given we run for different reasons, at different speeds etc. This is social. The group shall determine the pace and we’re here to have fun rather than puke at the end of an interval. Showing you the trails is the primary aim, not racing them. So please, enjoy the view and my never ending chat….

If you want running selfie tips or to swap tales from the trail, be my guest.

Full details of how you can join, where the hubs are and much much more can be found here.

Fancy joining me on a run in 2021? Get signed up