We have become disconnected


We (as a society) have become disconnected from the outside world; our wild spaces, woodlands, coasts, mountains & moors

To many reading this due to our connection &/or relationship, you may feel you aren’t, given we likely met at a race, through mutual outdoorsy friends, a mountain/adventure festival – what ever it may be, a link to the outdoor world

But consider this. Did you ever learn the country code & if so where? Were you, either through parents or a youth movement, taken camping, to national parks, spending time outside of urban areas & away from strong data signals & home comforts?

Have you woken up to all bar your sleeping mat floating, as the campsite you’re on is nothing more than a glorified wetland, the walk you were enjoying turned south, weather rolled in & your hands were set on fire as they regained feeling? Despite these experiences, you formed a line and painstakingly walked through the campsite like searching a crime scene, in order to leave no trace?

An extraordinary number of people have stepped into the outdoor world for the first time in the last 12 months, unaware of the country code, our responsibility to leave no trace, to maintain what’s around us. They’ve discovered areas for the first time, taken up new sports & hobbies, increased the user base for our passions that can create long term benefits. Look back over your time spent outdoors, it’s been a continuous evolution based on lessons, skills & experiences gained over time. We’ve all had some hard lessons over the years

We should welcome & encourage, rather than alienate & appoint blame. We gained our outdoor education through circumstance, not through superiority. We all had to start somewhere & engaging positively will reap far greater reward

There is no us & them, only we

Let’s become more connected