Trash Free Trails reveal their Route Map for 2021

I’m stoked to be able to share the route map that we’ve been working on at Trash Free Trails

2020 brought many a challenge, however, we were able to pivot and create a memorable year which ended in our biggest year of trail cleans and greatest number of conversations with you, despite not being able to in person.

The Route Map for 2021

For the full blog of our intentions for 2021 Please Click Here

Our big aim for the year is engage with as many of you as we can, to collectively gain a true understanding of the challenge we are facing to keep our trails and wild spaces free of trash, but as important, if not more, how this makes us feel. From the act of taking ownership for the trails and wild places we spend our time in, to how they effect our mental health and well being, this is more than simply counting bottle lids and wrappers.

More over, we are diversifying. Our origins are in mountain biking, but from the start it has been evident we all spend time in the places we love via several forms of movement, be it rambling, hiking, climbing, mountain biking, trail running, pogo sticks, space hoppers – the list of options is huge!

And therefore, my personal finger is pointed directly at those who spend time on the trails more on their feet than two wheels. I would love to have more runners and ramblers joining the #TRASHMOB this year. If you’ve any questions feel free to drop a comment below or DM me on instagram.

To get you started, here’s the basic steps

  • Trail Clean (aka; litter pick!) – This is the foundation of what we do. Without removing trash from the trails and our wild places, we will fail at our mission. If you do nothing else but this, we and your local community will be eternally thankful.
  • Record & Report what you have collected. The more data we have, the better we understand the size of the task and the impact we are having.
  • Encourage others to join in. Tell your mates, share your good work on social media, chat to folk you bump into while you are trail cleaning. It all helps spread the word.
  • Join in with our events like the Spring Trail Clean or Autumn Litter Watch.
  • When it’s safe and legal to do so, organise your own local trail clean and get as many people involved as possible.
  • Follow us on social media and sign up to our newsletter so you can see the great work that other Trash Mob members are doing.

Anyway, thats enough of me rambling.

My fourth year with Trash Free Trails and some epic projects coming your way in the coming months.