We can all be Citizen Scientists

University, PhDs, serious s*** & sterile conditions are some of the things that often come to mind when the word scientist is used. However, I recall my school days wading nipple deep in a meandering river, taking measurements of depth & flow rates. It’s a really broad term and one I feel we can think excludes us at times.

I’ve no degree in any subject, trade or craft

Citizen Science is breaking down the point of entry to allow & enable everyone to take part in pioneering research

No letters after your name required, no funding or partnerships

At Trash Free Trails we want you all to be citizen scientists, every piece of litter you remove from terrestrial ecosystems has an impact & making a record enables people dedicated to understanding the impacts, effects & data, to uncover the scale of the issues at hand & assess the positive impact we are all having

The lab coat is optional, the sense of achievement is universal

No matter how small your trail clean, I will send you a virtual high 5 if you could enter the details into the State Of Our Trails Report. The more we record, the greater the weight numbers have

*litter from one trail clean of @woburn_bike_trails Longslade Trail, part of Trash Free Trails Spring Trail Clean back on Earth Day*