Trash Free Trails release Spring Trail Clean 2021 Impact Report

Spring is in full flow, trails are hardening up after the dark months of winter, wild flowers blanket wild spaces, bringing new life and colour, as the trees adorn themselves with blossom and leaves. Life has returned.

April is the start of the season for Trash Free Trails, the time of the year that we rally the #TRASHMOB, recruit fresh litter picking wielding faces and break out into the new season.

For 2021, the Spring Trail Cleans saw over 930 people log their finds, activities and share their results, which amassed to over 33,000 individual items, 3,550km of trails cleaned and over 1,500kg of single use pollution removed.

Big Numbers. Big Efforts. Big Community.

Find out more in the official Trash Free Trails Spring Trail Cleans 2021 Impact Report HERE

If you want to see some of what I got up to, the link to my appearance on BBC Countryfile for Trash Free Trails can be viewed HERE

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