Mental Health Awareness Week – My Take

For those who’ve been willing to read the letters I fumble together over the years, making it to the bottom of what are increasingly becoming time consuming bodies of text, you’ll know mental health is a topic, a subject, a series of linked experiences I can talk in depth about. Stigmas are being overcome, however, all aspects of Mental Health are complex, our ability to create coping mechanisms & disassociate their symptoms numerous

I can only speak from personal experience. For myself. I hope in doing so, somebody out there, be it someone I’ve met or never will, resonates with the words strung together, enabling them to have that first conversation, seeking professional help or becoming more aware of themselves

This years theme is nature & if it wasn’t already obvious with the sea of riding and running related imagery, its where I find part of my identity, where I feel myself, where I’m able to find inner calm

I’m currently reading @whitepeak_ruth’s book Grounded, my mind on a little self discovery. My relationship with trails & wild spaces has radically altered in some respects over the past 15 months. Performance has moved to presence, others experiences ahead of my own

If you feel safe to, I will always encourage leaving the walls of the house, to take in the sites, smells & textures that exist in our natural, unfiltered environment. To break away from constant notifications, visual digital inputs & replace these with those that can take you back to moments of your life you cherish in an instance. Uncoupling your mind from the inbox

Now you’ll know I think every day should be Mental Health Awareness Day and really it should be or is, for a growing number. We need to look after ourselves and if we have others we are caring/looking out for, we need to be in a good place first, in order to truly help others.

If you or anyone else you know needs to speak to someone (in the UK) here are some links below.

Resources & Help:
@myblackdog_co – 7 days a week chat with volunteers with lived mental health experiences
@samaritanscharity – crisis line, if you are need of help
@mindblmk – MK, Beds, Luton support
@mindcharity – National of the above