More than words – We need action

More than words

This bottle was discovered as seen, between bracken & needles, slowly becoming part of the micro ecosystem, as wrapper begins to curl, inks & dyes loose their clarity, the clear plastic & cap loosing their identity

There’s no telling whether this was dropped by accident, on purpose or through naivety

I took this photo as I found it, before picking it up & carrying it out of the tranquil setting, part of the #1bagchallenge

However, on inspecting both bottle & photo when home, 2 things stood out

1. Animal interaction – clear signs that little gnashers have been trying to break through the cap, I order to get the fruity remains inside

2. The messaging on the bottle – ‘recyclable bottle’ & ‘planets future is in our hands’

It’s welcome to see the wording, heart breaking to see one or more animals have potentially ingested plastic in order to obtain energy

For me, this is a clear sign we need to do more as a society, brands, retailers & consumers, than simply create add campaigns, logos & hashtags

We need real action, genuine change, making it a priority to recycle from government leading national schemes, to the brands & retailers who create & sell said products…. & when I say recycle I don’t mean dump it on another land mass half way round the world who haven’t the infrastructure to do anything other than landfill or burn

We’ve seen the rise of litter picking, plogging & trash eradicating groups & communities. These people are amazing 

We now need the system to embrace change, rather than recognise the acts of these groups & carry on their current ways

For more info on Trash Free Trails and how you can contribute to societal change, CLICK HERE