Podcast of the Week – Episode 5

Aye, once again, this hasn’t been a weekly feature….. bi monthly, quarterly, annually?


HKT Podcast

23415418_1943558365901323_3877797680457978547_oHKT Podcast is the brain child of Davi Birks and is my go to long form mtb podcast. With the longer play time, the conversations tend to be more causal then some of the others out there, with a lot more personal anecdotes and detailed stories that may otherwise be missed.

In many way for me, HKT is the fans podcast of MTB, drawing in inspiration from other subject areas such as UFC, non related podcasts and a broad pool of information. The subject base is as eclectic as the guest list, from free ride and downhill mega starts, brand owners and legends, right through to media personalities.

And if you like Olly Wilkins…. well, you’ll jus have to subscribe.

Right now, in the lead up to Christmas, HKT Podcast have a fundraiser #ProjectChainge,

Project Chainge aims to raise £2000+ to buy specially adapted bikes to help people in the Sheffield area with a range of disabilities. Having spent a week on a visually impaired course back in 2010 in the Scottish Highlands, being someone eyes for a week, I know that specialist equipment makes a huge difference to the lives of those who are able to participate, both mentally and physically. As funding has now stopped for Sheffield Cycling 4 All , it requires us, the community to step in and make a positive difference.

Mental Health Cycling is a relatively new initiative which provides mental health patients with a break from hospital, allowing them to experience normality, fresh air and exercise. Again, demand is stripping supply.

Below is the link for the Just Giving Page. Podcast’s can be more than simply free information or a good way to kill time, they can be a force for good, for your own health and those of others.

Project Chainge Just Giving Page