Lock Down – Things to listen to

Sometimes you just want to get away from a screen, even a book. You may be out on a walk, a run, a ride, a drive (if you’ve a good reason) or simply want to melt into a chair with a pair of headphones. Well, I love a podcast, as does everyone now apparently, so the odds me offering you something unique or different is slimming with every second I procrastinate, looking outside at the hedge, contrasted by blue sky above it…..

Anyhow, below are some of my favourites; from those that’ll impart knowledge, leave you with tears of laughter, psyched up for an adventure or otherwise, entertained. Links on the whole are to the podcast’s own website, with many available on the usual platforms for your listening wishes.

Pyllon Podcast  – my coaches recent endeavour, Paul and James offer 45 minutes of chat and questioning on a subject that’s as relevant to your home life as on the trail.

Blind Boy Podcast – this was a Spotify find (and the link in the title takes you to a playlist he’s created for lock down), had never heard it and didn’t know what to expect. For me, it’s a clever man, talking to you like your mate, getting fellow clever people to speak to you like your’e a human, rather than a PhD clever clogs. From philosophy to physics, biology to psychology, it’s insightful.

If you aren’t fond of expletives, you may want to give this a miss.

Looking Sideways – Matt’s Action Sports Podcast features a very broad base of people from climbing, surfing, skating, to name but a few disciplines. Not only does it feature athletes, but key individuals who helped create the cultures around the sports.

Want something more, well Type 2 in association with Patagonia, looks at activists and has some handy lessons for anyone looking to be more aware of their surroundings or stand up for what they believe in.,

2 Bears 1 Cave – 2 comedians and best friends Bert Kreischer and Tom Segura talk…. err they talk. One to stick on the YouTube channel for the full effect. This is just fun.

If you aren’t fond of expletives or dark humour, you may want to give this a miss.

Science of Ultra – The geeky ultra running knowledge bank. From 4 way discussions in coaches corner to in-depth analysis on topics and interviews, if you like stats and the science behind training, look no further.

The Adventure StachePayson Mcelveen, pro XC mountain biker talks all things sports with a broad range of pro athletes and adventure types. With the backing of Red Bull, this gets some big names in the guest seat.

Dirt Church Radio – From the other side of the world, in the depths of New Zealand, comes a running podcast that at times is part Flight of the Conchords, part Parkinson. Accessible to all and championing the every day runner.

Chase Jarvis – Creative innovator Chase is a wizard with a camera, but with a background of philosophy, brings an open mind to series that captures everyone from entrepreneurs to athletes, creatives to musicians, focusing on creativity, adding value and being you.

Of Mountains of Minds – Covering hard hitting subjects, whether extreme challenges/races to life changing/altering events, Caroline provides a warm welcoming and relaxed environment to learn from others.

Downtime Podcast – Chris uses his engineering background and passion for mountain bikes, to provide a podcast that speaks to athletes one moment and covers complex conversations with the innovative brands of the sport.

Stuff you Should Know – The oracle for 30 minute episodes that will give you pub quiz points.

Now of course, this is a small list and there are many great podcasts left out. So pick a few, listen to an episode, check out related shows and find your perfect blend.