LOCKDOWN – You don’t need to become a better person


A subject I’ve avoided, a time of confusion, additional stress & worry for many

It’s day 4237.85 currently, or something along those lines. We’ve seen people excel at personal challenges, whether scaling mountains on stair cases, lapping gardens or beasting out 1000 reps. We’ve been humbled by frontline services & workers doing all they can for those in the most vulnerable situations, putting others first & doing what they naturally feel they should do

But there’s also been a lot of unneeded pressures floating around, saying you must learn a new skill, be super productive, become a better person

That’s not required – be yourself

I’ve lost track of how long it’s been since I was put on leave, days have become meaningless, time too to some extent. I’ve not had a really bad day, but I can reflect & see there have been some low points. The second announcement for me showed I was coping & slowly adapting in those initial weeks, now it has become the norm

Am I doing things? Yes. From online fitness classes to yoga, alongside my regular running training. I’m keeping myself busy around the house & on my website creating content – but I’ve taken off time pressures. Im trying to work with myself, rather than fight it. At times you may feel lazy, but could it be you’re letting your mind relax & join the dots in a sea of constant inputs & confusion

For me we need to be aware of our mental health right now, keeping physically well & active is much easier to track. We are going to have some worse days, some moments we may feel helpless, wish we could act on plans we made last year, things we were looking forward to. We are all human

I’ve found the simple pleasures and rituals, like making a fresh cup of coffee, stopping to observe wildlife when outside, speaking to people i wouldnt always think to, exploring those hobbies &/or interests I haven’t in a while – all help. Right now, getting a good nights sleep feels like a major win!

I don’t perceive this as a time to become something new or better, but to be myself, to be ourselves