Earth Day – The Selfless Isolation Project

Earth Day 🌍

I can’t remember the last time so many people made a daily effort to get outside & make the most of what they have on their doorstep. Most of the people I’ve seen on the local trails or walking past my house, I’ve never seen, despite living here for a few yearsTFT Grizedale 3

Taking ownership of our doorstep trails & environment will aid us through the coming weeks & months

April was supposed to be touring with @trashfreetrails on the Spring Trail Clean Tour, spending days cleaning trails, engaging with many new faces. I don’t need to explain why this didn’t happen

Instead, today, we launch #selfLESSisolation – The Clean Trails Project

TFT Dalby 1Tailored to the current situation, designed for the whole family &/or household to get involved with, we’re asking you all to observe & record your local trail networks

Whether you ride, run, walk, pogo or handstand walk, this is for all trail users

Time to get the pencil & paper out, get creative & unite