Some closing thoughts on Mental Health Awareness Week & finding support

As mental health awareness week draws to a close, please remember every day is worth of being aware of your own and others mental health.

Putting aside a small amount of time to give yourself or a friend some TLC, be it a chat, drink, walk, run, ride, game – what ever suits the day, can make a real difference.

You’d be surprised how impactful sending someone an unexpected DM, WhatsApp message or giving them a call to see whats going on, to catch, can uplift there day.

We are all worthy and valuable

The hardest step/moment so far in my relationship with my personal mental health was acknowledging I needed to talk to someone.

I was beyond the point of crisis, had run ins with the authroories, series of dark thoughts with no positive outcome would fixate my mind and yet, I was blind to the world of help out there.

I was fortunate that help was offered to me by a charity I was volunteering with and felt like I had to call the number because it was offered, not because I needed it.

My first question when asked why did I call was “when do you know if you need help” – it had yet to register that now was the time, moreover, many years before this date.

If you are curious about thoughts, feeling and/or emotion you are experiencing, I would personally always say find someone you are comfortable with to share some of this with. It’s worthwhile.

There are a wide variety of helpings be it text, web chat and phone calls out there.

I person sessions are available, whether prescribed or private.

Communities with your sports, hobbies and peers exist

In many respects the hardest part is like heading out for that run or ride when its lashing it down – taking the first few steps out the door.

It’s been 11-12 years since I first started talking to someone properly about how I felt, my thoughts, life experiences and their consequences.

I’ve learnt more about myself in the years following my time sharing the above with people who could aid my navigation of my internal struggles, than had I continued to suppress and ignore alone.

I still have my bad days. Day’s I’m being trigged. Days I hide away. Days the started wandering to darker places.

However, I can see beyond, have some certainty things will be ok and know how to deal with/cope with what stands in my path.

I have a toolkit as such to counter the above but better still, reduced the likeliness of experiencing them

We’re ever evolving, learning and growing


My Black Dog – Peer to Peer free live web chats with people with their own lived mental health experiences

Samaritans – If you are experiencing a crisis and need to speak to someone

Mind BLMK – Mental health support in areas surrounding and including, Bedford, Milton Keynes and Luton

Mind – National HQ of the above to find your local services

CALM / Campaign Against Living Miserably – Great resource for Men