inov-8 switch attention from the fells to the living room – Things to Do, Watch & See

For a brand synonymous with the Lake District’s Fells and part of their team based in Staveley, staying in doors and not shouting about the mountains can’t come easy. From my Milton Keynes HQ, right now, I would give a lot for one day of mountain air, views and ascent.

The team at inov-8 have been shouting about #PlayYourPart, with a recent blog post focusing on what key ambassadors are doing in their own way and how they’ve adapted to the situation


Working out, getting your daily miles or reps is clearly a challenge for many of us right now. Those used to double days or switching things up at the weekend, heading to different areas are getting hit by this hard. However, its a great opportunity to explore your local streets and trails, which you otherwise may ignore.

inov-8 have put together a 5 part Home Workouts for Runners which focus on running form, technique and strength. All around 30 minutes in duration and designed for all abilities. Below is the first of 5 videos, which is built around improving your form


For the full breakdown of the sessions and links to all CLICK HERE

Both Damian Hall and Jasmin Paris have been taking part in Facebook Live sessions, with more sessions in the workings, or so I hear……

To watch/listen again to Jamsin’s Facebook Live session – CLICK HERE 


inov-8 have been involved with a good number of big UK athlete based projects in the past years, from Last Woman Standing to Running the Wainwrights, to inspire others such as Mountains of Heavens and The Run Home.

inov-8 have put together their TOP 10 inspirational films to give you that kick up the arse to get out of the front door on day who knows what of lockdown and remind us of what awaits when this is all over.



For those looking to build strength, get their Crossfit fix and work towards goals, inov-8 are releasing a daily HOME WOD, programmed by ambassadors Scott Panchik and Dani Speegle. For this you need to sign up via the link below and a new one is sent to you daily.

Just hope its not MURPH!


So there you go, plenty to keep you on the move and I’ll update as and when new things are available.

Stay Safe


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