Mental Health Awareness Week

Today marks the start of Mental Health Awareness Week

I feel safe to make a generalisation that everyone reading this has had to confront some sort of challenge over the past couple of monthsROS RANDOM 3

I know I’ve had some darker moments, some episodes where i felt helpless & things have become too much, like some of those climbing the ridge above

In truth, it wasnt too much & through acts of kindness from friends, colleagues & strangers on here, I was able to bounce back & offer the same support to others. I’ve checked in with more people over the last 10 weeks then probably the past few years, experienced conversations I wouldn’t have had, made new friends, expanded my mind & shared

It may seem trivial, in a time where face to face interactions are limited at best, where a screen has come to signify connectivity, relationships & socialising – but that’s simple act of reaching out, of being there has huge power & significance

This years theme for the week is an Act of Kindness & right now, you can positively impact someone’s day with a few letters & emojis

I’m not for one second suggesting you light up the DMs of everyone you follow or who follows you, but if you were to share a short conversation with a different person every day of this week, and moreover, take that forward for the remainder of the month, you can, if only for a brief spell, make someone feel less isolated – including yourself

So here’s to a week of being aware & random acts of kindness

If you ever want to chat, my DMs on Instagram are always open to anyone & everyone