Time to Talk

My appearance may change, my interests alter, motivation levels fluctuate & my ability to look deep within myself grind to a halt

But the narrative is constant

We need to talk, we must talk for our own & others mental health to remain healthy. It’s all too easy to hide behind a face, a persona, built to cope with the complexities of modern day life & the infinite stimuli we are exposed to throughout every minute, of every day

This smile disguises & withholds a multitude of life’s challenges, which over years of experience, counselling & adaptations have been dealt with or suppressed

They will be with me for life, but that’s not a negative, it’s what has built me to be the person I am

However, the past doesn’t lie dormant forever & feeling able to talk to others, to disclose aids dealing with such challenges when they flair up

I can say from my own experience, you have no idea how powerful checking in with someone or simply being willing to listen without judgment is

This is one day, let’s make it everyday

Image from December 2018