World Mental Health Day 2020

World Mental Health Day

If you’re like me & watch Steel Panther’s what day is it updates, you’ll know every day of the year is 132 versions of something day, to me it’s become oversaturated & lost meaning for all bar a few specific days

Outside of bad DIY haircuts, I think this is my 7th, it’s fair to summarise the last 8 months as creating a series of new daily & societal routines, with the majority of choices outside of our control. I know from speaking privately to some of you there have been significant tough moments, for others it’s provided unique opportunity & for those who live alone like myself, some days or series of days have seemed hopeless

But the truth is we have far more control over our days then it may feel at present, our actions, most notably doing things that can change the course of a morning, an afternoon, a day

My challenge to you all is to do one thing for better mental health, whether putting this device down more, heading out for a walk when it’s cold & wet one night to escape the confines of the house, speaking to a neighbour when things get quiet – what ever you feel is right at any given time. & experiment, find what works for you

It’s not long till I kick off my 30 days of Movember, raising funds for Mind BLMK & The CALMzone