30 Days of Movember – The Challenges

The moustache is no more

Carving away the weeks of top lip facial fuzz, forged over the beginning of the Autumnal season, it feels almost fitting to cast it into the sink to mark the start of another challenging lockdown period. For, being in the south of England, well midlands, East according to some maps….. Central Bedfordshire, you can make your own minds up, I’ve managed to avoid the more life limiting measures for the last few months.

But that doesn’t mean ive been out travelling, exploring the peaks and mountains. Bar a couple of rides in Rutland and a Trash Free Trails trip to Cornwall, its all been from home.

Just home.

And that is why the below, submitted by friends, acquaintances and strangers is here to challenge. I designed it with lockdown in mind, little did I know I’d be a few days early of it being official!

  • How to s*** in the woods tutorial
  • Moustache grooming tutorial
  • Learn to Headstand
  • Learn an Instrument
  • Learn a Language (German)
  • Learn to make Pierogi
  • Cook a mean Hungarian Goulash
  • Wheelie for a minimum of half a mile
  • learn the splits
  • Plan a ride or run that is 30 miles with 3000m of ascent
  • moonwalk
  • Naked anything
  • Learn to do bhangra and record a 1 minute performance
  • Learn to move an object between fingers
  • Learn to skip
  • Travel the distance between Bedford, Luton and MK MindBLMK by human power
  • Task Master……
  • Murph

So pick one or more to do before the end of the month, let me know how you get on!

All funds raised are going to MindBLMK and the Campaign Against Living Miserably

Link to fundraising page – https://www.justgiving.com/team/30-Days-of-Movember2020