ROAM4 x MIND32 – 4AM runs are tough

I’m not going to lie, at round 3, 4AM on Sunday morning, I was ready to throw the towel in. Never have I set so many alarms that my I’ve been able to switch off in a semi lucid state, whilst remaining in bed, despite purposely putting the phone well out of arms reach. I was therefore dreading 4AM Monday….

4 miles every 4 hours for 48
32 reps of each exercise after each run (Pull ups were 3)
For some reason Tom HillCalum MacleanAnt OramAims & others that joined in, opted not add the later in 🤷🏼

Some stats

4 1/2 hours of broken sleep
48.7 something miles
Ankle rolled at 1.5 miles in from the start
4 blisters
1 ☕️ 
384 press ups
384 dips
384 squats
384 lunges
384 kettlebell swings (12kg KB)
384 kettle bell presses (12kg KB)
36 pull ups
38 Trash items picked up – including running with a hub cap for a mile, which for some reason had a road cycle innertube tied to it via a cow hitch

My once piece of interaction was with my next door neighbour, who upon seeing me limping down the road at midday Monday, waiting for the pain response of blisters to subside and muscles to gain some elasticity, thought I must have had a bad crash on my bike

I’ve been throwing around the term Purposeful Adventure from Trash Free Trails on posts for the last few months & this feels like the first time it truly warrants it. Littered cleaned from trail, hedgerow and road, £70 raised from generous amigos for MindBLMK at the time of writing (link here if you wish to donate & members of the adventure community united online while we plodded around at 4AM, trying to not look suspicious

And unlike Tom Hill, the moustache is staying for a while longer

More to come on this and huge thanks to everyone who sent support via social media!