2020 – Thank you to you, the readers

Thank you

To the readers, the browsers, the scrollers, scanners & those of you who landed here by mistake. Those who think I talk utter garbage, to those who went on to find a series of words, a paragraph, a feature useful. Those who wanted more & those who wanted less.

It’s been an odd year, some may even say shit (references cover image holding trash bags from my Christmas Day trail clean)

But one thing I know is you have been here. You’ve shown your support for the work I do. On that note.

I’m sorry

I’m sorry for the inconsistency and in some respects, lack of things to read, stare at and watch this year. I can’t complain, I’ve had a job throughout and live in the countryside. However, its been a tough at times. I live on my own, exited a long term relationship 6 weeks before the UK was put into lockdown back in March and have spent the best part of 9 months on my own, in a time where we have been told and/or encouraged to stay at home. Not to socialise.

Therefore, as silly as this may sound, seeing the analytics from this website, the comments and likes, even the odd email, has given me a sense of community and with that purpose.

Trail races and events may have been cancelled, travel all but removed from life, but I’ve felt your presence. It’s you who keep this website alive. I’m don’t advertise or take payments for the website and thus, it is you, yes you – don’t look behind you, by clicking on the page, by visiting brand websites (they aren’t affiliate links) that others see the value in sending me products to review and talk about.

You are the life blood

Some 30,000+ of you

I hope you are well, have managed to navigate 2020 in a way which has brought some positivity to your life and in hindsight, becomes a time we all learnt a little more about ourselves, without the continual distractions of races, events, holidays and so on.

If anyone did want to support me, I’m humbled. At this time, I would ask if you felt that way inclined, to donate to my chosen charity which I’ve been doing challenges for, given the mental health support that many will need in the coming months and years. I’ve used there services myself and I can honestly say, the value it provides is worth more than any training plan, that pair of trainers or race entry.

My Charity is Mind BLMK, my local branches – with a link here to my justgiving page.

Alternatively, invest in your local mental health charity, be it with money, your time or expertise.

Thank you once again.You’re all awesome in your own unique ways.

Here’s to more ramblings in 2021