World Mental Health Day

Life can feel disjointed & derailed at times. Little or big plans, intentions & thoughts, life is full of twists & turns

Between you & me, I’ve not been firing on all cylinders since my father past last year. My running & riding has become something I speak of, rather than do. I’ve filled my calendar with projects & volunteering for others, not giving myself the time or space to focus on myself

It’s easy to do, distraction by alternate action, filling the mind like a stuff sack with new & challenging things, suppressing important thoughts & experiences that need airing & sharing

Having a chat with someone can lead to positive outcomes. You don’t need to talk deep, but connections matter. We all have things we are facing, you aren’t out there alone

I’ve had counselling, I’ve had therapy & I’m looking at it again presently. It’s not something to be embarrassed or ashamed about, investing in yourself & those around you for the future

We all deserve an ear to listen, you have mine