Roam4 x Mind 32

30 days of Movember is very much still alive

I’ll be honest, November was hard mentally. I went in aware that the lack of daylight & being limited to households meant another period on my own, with the hope the challenge would give me a focus. It did some what, it wasn’t totally put to the side, however, trail building became my only source of face to face contact for 40+ days and online media became my around the clock housemate. 

The challenges are occurring, some have already been done & I’m now waiting for some daylight over the next few weeks to record….. some of you will be getting them as public Christmas presents

The 48 hour challenge kicks off this Saturday at 8pm, the start of a new project with Tom Hill & I wanted to include Mind BLMK in my Milton Keynes based edition. So, after each 4 mile lap, every 4 hours, for 48 hours – the below will be completed;

32 press ups
32 dips
32 air squats
32 lunges
32 kettlebell swings
32 kettle bell presses
3.2 pull ups (been a few years since I’ve been doing them… need a chance of making it)

32? Well, it’s 31.9 miles from the Wellbeing Centre in Luton, to Flitwick (Mind BLMK HQ) & offices in Milton Keynes

I’m sure this is going to be a grind as it progresses, but, there are many people who are struggling right now. It’s a small price to pay to raise awareness & hopefully a little cash for those who really need it

Enjoy your sleep this weekend, safe in the knowledge that skipping, pierogi’s, how to s*** in the woods and many other things will soon be out there for all to see, as mind hunts for distractions & I’m looking at my aeropress like a intravenous drip